Walk in Showers


Safe showering can be an issue for those with a disability or mobility problems, but this can be easily addressed with the installation of a wet room or level access shower.

Offering many practical advantages such as being easier to clean and better accessibility, they also give an open, modern look and provide a good use of space suited to multi-generational living.

If you, or someone you live with, no longer feels safe getting in and out of the bath, a walk in shower can provide a safe, practical solution to enable and maintain independence and safety whilst bathing. Or you may simply see a wet room as the modern alternative to a bathroom, providing a stylish, spacious feel to the smallest of rooms.



A fully waterproofed bathroom, providing a roomy, stylish open-plan space.  The shower area is flush with the rest of the floor, making it a practical solution for those with mobility issues.

The walls and floor will generally be fully tiled; but for those requiring a greater degree of safety we would recommend a  slip resistant vinyl flooring, providing optimum slip resistance whether barefoot or in shoes.

Whilst there is no requirement for screens in a wet room, a separating screen or shower rail and curtain may be added to prevent water over-spray in smaller spaces.  

A wet room will provide a spacious, safer bathing experience with the added benefit of ease of maintenance and cleaning giving you  more time to enjoy your new, modern bathroom.


A level access shower area can be fitted into your existing space without the requirement to waterproof the entire room.  For those with mobility issues requiring a more accessible shower space, your existing bathroom can be easily adapted to provide a level access shower area.

The walls to the shower area can be tiled or panelled, providing a clean and stylish wet area to your bathroom. For the optimum in safety, we would recommend the use of an anti slip vinyl, perfect for those with mobility issues or requiring assisted bathing due to its performance whether barefoot or in shoes.

With various screen or shower curtain options being available, the shower area can be finished to your own particular requirements.

A level access shower can provide a cost effective alternative to a full wet room, whilst still maintaining a modern, clean aesthetic and providing all the associated safety benefits.


For those who can still manage a small step up, a low level shower tray can provide an alternative to level access showering.

With tray options available with anti slip surfaces, they are safe to use and can be fitted with additional ramps to make them suitable for wheelchair access.  

A low level tray can be quick and easy to fit, and is perfect for creating a minimal look, bringing both style and functionality to your shower space.

With various styles of shower screens and floor finishes being available, a low level shower tray can provide a modern look suited to any bathroom design.

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